amapodo TEAFAVS #tea glass


Double-hulled amapodo Tea-ToGo glass with tea strainer and a real genuine bamboo cap

amapodo teafavs – the Tea-ToGo glass for [true] connoisseurs
Convenient. Sustainable. Trendy. The amapodo TEAFAVS for Tea-ToGo fits well into the current times. A tea glass with a double-hulled glass for a tea experience in a flexible way. Everywhere. As we know the eyes savor when having a tea. So they do using the Tea-ToGo glass for tea enthusiasts, who appreciate exclusivity. The combination of the double hulled, high-grade borosilicate glass with the natural material bamboo remembers us on the Far-Eastern aesthetics. Jasmine Tea, Yellow Tea, Black Tea with lychee – every tea has it’s own unique colour. TEAFAVS Tea-ToGo wears the colour of your preferred tea openly: A visual aperitif.



amapodo TEAFAVS – trendy attribute of a mobile way of life

No time for breakfast [-and in favor of a possibility for a tea to go?]: The filling of the tea glass for your treat to go is done at once: Just put tea, tea leafs or fruit tea into the tea filter of the tea bottle und top it up with hot water. Put on the bamboo cap and close it with a quarter turn to the left. You can put the tea leafs either to the tea filter or directly into the glass. In this case the simple filter is working like a strainer. A fascinating optical effect. You can observe the floating elements of the tea change the color of the water. Now the day can start!




Tea-ToGo with safe handling. Quite simply.

Our high-grade and shockproof thermo tea glasses made of borosilicate glass are made in several process steps. Their double-hulled glass walls have an insulating effect. Would you like to enjoy your tea shortly after the preparation in the teamaker you should be aware – he is still very hot. Amapado TEAFAVS retains a convenient drinking and enjoying temperature of your favourite tea for approx. 2 hours. The cap made of bamboo wood is furnished with a gasket. For a carefree transport of the Thermo Tea Maker in the handbag or in a backpack when you are on the way. Our TEAFAVS Thermo-Tea-Mug has an extra large drink opening. You can also pour your tea into a tea cup or directly enjoy out of the Thermo-Tea-Bottle. Very convenient: Due to the detachable tea strainer insert several re-steeps are possible troublefree.



Whether passionate tea drinkers or casual drinkers – the amapodo TEAFAVS tea glass is the ideal companion for tea-to-go and indispensable for the tea pleasure home.


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